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Why we’re different

This isn’t magic. But it isn’t boring or difficult either. Managing money can be made simple, if you understand how it works.

Finllect vs Your Bank Statements

Real talk, how often do you look at your statements? Once you set up an account and get an email at the end of the month with your statement, that shows you’ve spent all you have on take-outs. This is why you’ve never heard anyone say that their bank statements changed their lives.

With Finllect, we’re focused on what is in front of you, what you still have the ability to influence. Before you spend a single dollar, we’ll help you think through your priorities—immediate, short-term, and long-term—and allocate your money accordingly. Better yet, we will teach you how to use your budget to make spending decisions and how easy it is to adjust your budget throughout the month, because life.

Finllect vs Other Budgeting Apps

There are a whole slew of apps built on the premise of doing everything for you—and at first glance, this may seem appealing.

But if the main selling point is that “you won’t ever have to think about it” or “you won’t even realize you’re saving,” nothing about your finances is really going to change.

Budgeting with Finllect means finally facing your finances with eyes wide open. Even if you don’t like what you see, you will have the information you need to take the next step, and then the next one. Once you experience the peace that comes with being in control of your finances, you’ll never look back.

Finllect vs The World of the Internet

You will always have Google. There’s a whole wave of information out there. But it’s always too much, not relevant or overwhelming. Maybe you don’t mind spending countless hours scrolling through YouTube or Investopedia to take the first step and that’s great. There’s some bad news however. The odds of you finding the right information that you can understand and is relevant to you are poor.

With Finllect, you take one clear step at a time. Our growing libraries on bite-sized articles, videos and podcasts on how to budget, save, invest, earn and improve financial wellness allows you to understand how to make the right financial choices. The focus here is alingment. You can consume content that’s recommended to you based on your spending and saving activity.

Finllect vs Your Spreadsheets

We’re a huge fan of spreadsheets. If you’re managing your world of finances on spreasheets, that’s a great start. Your spreadsheets might not be the answers to all your questions. If you’re looking to get started on investing, want to level-up or knowledge or are a pro and want to stay informed, you’re going to need a robust system to keep you going. Financial wellness is not a one-dimensional concept.

We understand that financial health looks different for everyone. That’s why we combine the right tools and information to keep you informed. With Finllect, you can start putting your goals to actions by allowing you to access financial products, scholarships and rewards that are right for you.

But if you aren’t using your spreadsheet to make spending decisions because it isn’t always up-to-date or it’s just a lot of work for you to keep going, Finllect has got your back.

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