Credit Score

How is the Finllect score calculated?

The application considers five factors, your micropayments, budgets, credit mix, prequalifications, and credit utilisation.

How can I build my credit score?

To build your score, you must earn points by consuming
financial content, manage your budgets, and check in your transactions on the application.

What affects my credit score?

Your financial literacy level, in-app activity and micropayment patterns.

Does checking my score affect it?

Checking your credit score does not hurt it.

Why is my credit score important?

Your Finllect Score is a clear reflection of your financial footprint. It will help you understand your relationship with money and of course enable you to get access to the financial products you need.

What is the difference between Finllect’s score and AECB’s credit score?

Finllect’s score is unique in the way that it is calculated and it is free of cost to check your score. The AECB score is more traditional and requires you to have a strong financial history. In essence, your Finllect score is a gateway to better way to prepare yourself for the AECB’s evaluation.

Managing Your Money

How does Finllect help manage my finances?

The application considers your micro-payments, budgets and your in-app activity. This includes your ability to make payments on time, the financial content you consume on Finllect and your ability to stick to budgets.

Can I set up budgets on Finllect?

Yes, yes and definitely yes! Finllect makes budgeting fun and simple. You can build your budgets and we help you manage and track them closely.

How can I budget my expenses with Finllect?

You can build your budget in just 5 easy steps. Don’t worry, we do all the math for you. Head over to the Manage section of the App and build your customised budget. Once setup, you can either track your expenses manually or you can link your bank account.

How does Finllect fetch my financial transactions?

We work with a reputed 3rd party API provider to securely retreive your transactional data from your bank.

Is my data safe?

We ensure to protect your information at every level of the process. Finllect Digital Technologies Ltd has been accepted into the DFSA’s regulatory sandbox. Basically, the smartest lawyers and experts in the field of fintech are making sure we protect your data. Still not convinced? Drop us an email at and we will clarify any concerns you might have.

I have linked my bank account, now what?

Now you sit back and enjoy a seamless experience with managing your finances. All your budgets will be auto-synced, your credit-score will update itself and you can redeem the rewards as you continue to learn!

Rewards and Qualifications

What are rewards at Finllect?

Rewards are a great place for you to redeem the points you have earned by investing in improving your financial health. It’s basically a win-win situation with Finllect.

How can I redeem these rewards?

Hop on to the rewards section of the Finllect App and take your pick. It’s really that simple.

What products can I qualify for through Finllect?

The real question is, what products would you like to be pre-qualified for? Drop us a note at and we can set you up!

Does a qualification guarantee access to the financial product?

It is our goal to support you in putting your best foot forward with the traditional Incumbents. The right to providing access to the financial product you have been prequalified for is retained by the Financial Institution.

Using Finllect

Can I change or update my password?

Yes, of course. Hop onto this link:

Why do I need to upload my identity documents?

The internet is a crowded place, and we just want to ensure that you are who you claim to be. This is an especially crucial step for us to ensure that you receive timely access to any financial products you might need in the future.

How many bank accounts can I link to the Finllect app?

You can connect link upto one account. Stay tuned for our next update on when you start linking many more, there’s a lot more coming.

What can I do with the Finllect app?

Improve your financial health. Build a better credit score. Prequalify for financial products. Automate your finances. So the real questions is, what can you NOT do?

How can I get Finllect?

The Finllect app is now available on iOS and Android. Download the app and get started on your journey!

What are points on Finllect? How can I earn them?

Finllect points are an opportunity for you earn some rewards by simply using the features of the App. You can earn them by reading articles, listening to podcast, automating your expenses and more.

What do I need to pay to use Finllect?

This one’s on the house! (Yes, we mean it’s absolutely free)

What kind of financial content does Finllect offer?

You can learn to Budget, Save, Invest, Earn. As a bonus we have another track that dives into exploring your personal relationship with money.

What are quizzes on the Finllect app?

Quizzes are a great way for you to reflect on your learnings. Psst, its also a great way to boost your Finllect Credit Score and earn points too!


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