Introducing Finllect’s New Credit Scoring Tool For Gen-Zs

By admin, 01/06/2021

Finllect is rolling out a brand new credit scoring tool to help Gen Zs build credit score in a fun and interactive manner. This tool is a complete game-changer in the fintech space and will open a world of opportunities for GenZs in the MENA region. The credit scoring tool allows young users to start building their credit score by completing a series of actions and simply engaging with the app. That’s right. Across the Finllect app, users can start learning more about personal finance by reading bite-sized content on common topics like – saving, investing, budgeting, spending.

With every piece of content, users earn a certain collection of points which when compiled, adds to their existing credit score. This method is true for the entire app. The user can play quizzes to brush up their finance skills and start performing actual functions – like linking a bank account, creating a budget, tracking their spendings – all of which gathers more points which boosts their credit score. Aside from that, the app also collects and evaluates their financial information, payment history for the past few months, their credit report activity, credit card history and credit utilization – to stack up and maintain a healthy credit score.

All in all, the entire app experience is like one big video game – where everything you do – be it signing up, reading articles, taking quizzes, linking your bank account, uploading official documents, creating budgets, listening to our podcast – win you points that help boost your credit score and keep you in control of your finances.

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